In recent years Personal Housing has also specialized in the needs arising from the displacement of a worker to the place where the company is located. Often companies hire staff from outside the area or even abroad the country. We will advice you to find a home in your totally unknown area where are you moving.

We offer a full service where we solve all the requirements that are generated. We help you to find the perfect home, a school for children (reporting on the various options), hiring domestic staff, creating a list of telephone numbers to solve everyday problems, the search for a gym, etc.. Everything you might need. We help you as if we were as if we were your trusted person.

• Conveyancing
• Rents for companies and workers
• Couching for companies
• Feng Shui for companies
• Relocation of employees to the work area: finding housing, schools, fitness, domestic staff, etc..
• Legal Advice / Services